With a history of over 40 years, Foot Science International has some incredible stories and great people who we have worked with.

Late 1970's


Dr Charlie Baycroft

In an attempt to resolve his patient’s pain in a thorough yet pragmatic way, Dr Baycroft decided to create an orthotic that could mould to the shape of each patient’s foot.

1970 david

David Boyd

David’s experience in Europe and his involvement in disabled skiing, together with Dr Baycroft’s sports medicine knowledge created a formidable team. After many hours of exhaustive testing and trials, they developed a heat mouldable orthotic that would provide a custom fitted solution.


history 1981

Foot Science International company officially established

Foot Science International company officially established selling heat mouldable Formthotics in the medical and ski industry and immediately started exporting into Europe in the ski industry.


Arthur Lydiard

Arthur Lydiard (1917-2004) was a New Zealand runner and athletics coach. He has been lauded as one of the outstanding athletics coaches of all time and is credited with popularizing the sport of running and making it commonplace across the sporting world.


1985 heating

The very first Formthotics Heating Machine

The very first Formthotics Heating Machine, standing taller than most of us. These old machines were made with a steel frame and plywood panels. The shoes or boots were placed on the shelf in the middle and when you pushed on the foot pedal the two tubes came down into the footwear. The “egg-timer” switch ran the heating system and then turned it off, a second push on the foot pedal and the tubes retracted!



Gangsapod Rap

Dr. Marc Lindy, Podiatrist - a musically talented Pod!


1988 auto machine

The first Automated Formthotics Machine

The first Automated Formthotics Machine (AFM) to make Formthotics, designed by Steve Gurney – passionate adventurer, multisport racer, extreme sports person and motivational speaker.


1988 japan sign

Branding from Japan

Old branding from Japan: our distribution partner was Yamamoto Kogaku and they sold predominantly into the ski market throughout Japan.


1990 exhibition

Exhibition booth at ISPO

Foot Science International was well on the way. This is the Formthotics exhibition booth at ISPO – leading international sports tradeshow in Germany.


1992 southern

Southern Traverse Multisport Race

Formthotics sponsored the Southern Traverse multisport race in New Zealand – the event that is known across the world, now called the Coast to Coast.


1993 claudia

Ambassador Claudia Riegler

Three-time Olympian and World cup racer, Claudia Riegler, a new ski slalom sensation from New Zealand becomes our Sports Ambassador to Formthotics brand.


history 1980 2

Exporting to 20 countries

David Boyd at the Foot Science International headquarters successfully manufacturing and exporting to 20 different countries from
New Zealand!


1996 david factory

Freshly manufactured Golf Pro Formthotics

Foot Science International founder and director, David Boyd, with the Formthotics freshly manufactured Golf Pro product.


1999 exporter winner

Small Exporter of the Year Winner

Foot Science International is the winner of “Small Exporter of the Year Award” at the 1999 New Zealand Export awards.


Steve Gurney TV advert

Steve was part of the beginnings of Formthotics engineering one of the first machines for our company to develop the original insole. Then Steve became a professional multi-sport and tri-athlete winning the NZ Coast to Coast Championship 9 times! Amazing guy and fun TV advertisement.


2003 counter sign

Ultimate Foot Comfort

Foot Science International launches Formthotics Ultimate Foot Comfort brand advertising and FootPain advertising and website campaign.


2002 ispo

ISPO performance lineup

The ISPO tradeshow setup featuring the performance line of Formthotics brand products.


2005 express2

Express Orthotics

Foot Science International introduces Express Orthotics to the Medical market. A ready fit kitset solution that is easy to use for clinicians.


2007 product

Medical and Active Sports new packaging

Foot Science International launches Formthotics packaging for both the medical and retail active sports line of Formthotics.


2010 packaging

Sports and Everyday new packaging

Foot Science International launches new packaging for Formthotics Sports and Everyday Line


2013 secret

Secret Weapon in my Boots

Foot Science launches campaign for Formthotics is “a Secret Weapon in my Boots” campaign with stickers for ski helmets and ski boots.


2013 youth

New Medical and Youth brands

Foot Science International launches youth product ranges in the consumer (Formthotics Youth) and medical markets (a new youth category under the Formthotics Customer Medical Orthotics brand).


2014 ISPO

ISPO Munich Germany

The Foot Science International team with Italian distributors, Ability Group at ISPO, Munich, Germany.


2014 35 years

Celebrating 35 years

Foot Science International celebrates 35 years of support to help people live healthy and active lifestyles with the Formthotics brand orthotic.


2014 phillips

Ambassador Mike Phillips

New Cycling Formthotics are introduced with Ambassador Mike Phillips.


2014 rams

Supporting local basketball

Supporting our local basketball team the Canterbury Rams in Christchurch, New Zealand.


2015 training

New medical training programmes

Foot Science International launches Formthotics new training programmes for the medical market.


2016 nz

Stunning New Zealand

Stunning New Zealand, home of Formthotics – designed and manufactured by Foot Science International. We’re determined to be the most respected company worldwide in the health and well-being of feet.