In New Zealand during the 1970s, the innovative doctor and sports medicine specialist, Dr Charlie Baycroft looked for a more effective way to treat patients with common foot problems, providing comfort and support in their day to day lives. Dr Baycroft knew that by creating the closest possible contact between a patient’s foot, orthotic and shoe, the foot would be given the natural support it needs, similar to the support provided by the soft sand.

Meanwhile, co-inventor of Formthotics, professional skier (at the time), boot fitter and now Director of Foot Science International, David Boyd had discovered how custom orthotics improved his skiing and even allowed his ski boots to be comfortable! He researched the use of thermoplastic foam to make custom orthotics and developed prototypes for testing.

A chance meeting with Dr Baycroft gave them the opportunity to share ideas, combine product designs and begin a 30 year partnership. This sharing of ideas rapidly resulted in the first version of Formthotics. The desire to develop and improve products to keep people active and mobile is one of the few things that hasn’t changed over the years.